Emergency Financing

Simply put, Emergency Financing is when you are being pressured to get financing. There are many serious reasons why this could happen, and some could involve losing your home. Business Loans, Collections, Judgements, Garnished Wages, Personal/Property Tax arrears, Mortgage Arrears, Power of Sale.

Home Equity Loan

Home equity is an asset that comes from a homeowner’s interest in a home. To calculate equity, subtract any outstanding loan balances from the property’s market value. Home equity can increase over time if the property value increases or the loan balance is paid down.

Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC for short) is a loan secured against your property either in first position or second. The HELOC comes with a set credit limit which is determined by your credit, the equity in your home and your income. HELOC’s depending on the institution come with both fixed and variable rates.


Whether you are buying your first home, investment property or vacation home getting the mortgage is the most painful part of the process. We know your life is busy enough as it is and let’s be honest dealing with the bank is rarely stress free. Dealing with a mortgage broker will save you time and headache, and most importantly ensure you are getting the best rate. Moreover, unlike bank reps we treat you like a person not a number or a sales target. We build relationships with our clients and look out for both their short and long-term goals and help them achieve it!


A refinance is when a new mortgage lender pays out your current mortgage and increases the amount owing. We specialize in helping our clients use the equity in the home to refinance their mortgage(s) and debts at a lower rate and substantially lower monthly payment.