What is Refinancing?

A refinance is when a new mortgage lender pays out your current mortgage and increases the amount owing. We specialize in helping our clients use the equity in the home to refinance their mortgage(s) and debts at a lower rate and substantially lower monthly payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most mortgages in Canada can be broken at any time with a penalty. It all depends on your current interest rate, debt load and monthly payments. We are here to help assess the overall situation including your penalty. More often then not it makes sense for our clients to break their mortgage and pay the penalty. Our goal is always a lower interest rate and monthly payment.

It is important to know that every client and situation is unique. We understand your credit and job is not the same as your neighbour, co-worker or family member. After a quick consultation with us we will be able to assess the situation and discuss with you how we can help.

We have lenders prepared to work with us and close your file within 2-3 business days. During your first call with us we will be able to let you know if this timeline is realistic for you. Our experience and understanding of the industry and your situation is why you want us on your side.

Why use DC Home Mortgages?

We Will Find You the Best Rate

We have access to a wide variety of lenders from Banks, Trust Companies to Mortgage Investment Corporations and private lenders from across Canada. Lenders all have strict lending policies and we are here to help find the best mortgage suited for you. Most clients assume that their bank is offering the best rate, it is our job to make sure we know which lender will offer you the best rate!